Broadway High School|Broadway, VA
Natural Interactions | Digital Photography (no size) | color-tinted plastic sheets. Allowed a red, yellow, and blue sheet to curl around each other slightly and shot from the edge.
This piece was a response to my inquiry this year: How can I capture the interaction/intersection of light, color, and transparency? After examining some of my earlier pieces, I discovered that something was missing from them - actual light. I had only been depicting light through visual illusion, rather than having actual light present in the piece in some way. I turned to photography as a way to capture light rather than depicting it. This specific piece resulted from experimentation with shooting plastic sheets tinted red, yellow, and blue. I shot the image with my iPhone, simply allowing the light coming in from the window to interact with the different colors of the transparent sheets which had curled and folded around each other. This approach led to the most fundamental, basic response to my inquiry question, and therefore what I believe is the most successful piece from my work this year. I find my best work often results from experimentation, but it is important for me to still have a clear purpose and focus throughout. 
Martha Maddox
This piece was one in a series of photographs Taylor created for her investigation of the interaction between natural light, color, and transparency. She began her investigation using transparent watercolors on paper with a light source behind. Since this did not produce the desired transparency, we looked at other supports, moving to clear acetate with watercolor applications. Again Taylor was not completely happy with the results. During class brainstorming, critiques, and searches of the class storage room, Taylor recognized the aesthetic potential of sheets of colored acetate.
Experimentation with materials, feedback from fellow students, and the instructor were essential components in Taylor's success. When an idea did not create the desired outcome, Taylor was encouraged to push the limitations of materials and try new ones. Students are encouraged to use all material resources available to explore ideas and study the work of contemporary artists in similar media and styles. Taylor's clear vision of what she wanted to achieve aesthetically and determination to arrive there fostered her success in this process. Her drive and aesthetic vision of what she wanted to achieve visually were an inspiration to other students and myself.
Taylor Moorman
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